Our unique First Friday event will feature paintings and masks made by local artists in the theme of Resistance.


Join us to see the cumulation of our mask-making workshop held here, in the gallery, and a juried exhibition of paintings submitted by local artists: Liz Krick, Monique Turner, Juliannah Harrison, Shizu Homma, Matt Catrino, Jennifer Hinch, Maisie O'Brien, Andrea Berg, Jude Lang, Yvanna Sherman, Patrice Poor, Jed Williams, Sofya Mirvis, Tegan Belitta, Jessica Gamble, Natalie Merritt and Joseph Snow.  


First Friday with Matt Catrino

Join us for another first Friday with local artist Matt Catrino.  He paints his illustrative images series style- each one unique and appealing.  We have hundreds of original pieces - with so many works of art, you're sure to find a piece you love!

We will be showing Catrino's work through October, drop by on Saturday or Sunday every weekend to have a closer look.