Christina DeFabis

Christina DeFabis is a painter, and often mixed-media artist, who creates from a feminist viewpoint. Her most recent series, is an ongoing project titled “Please Don’t Rape Me,” which depicts the agonizing and never-ending awareness and fear of rape that most women must live with on a daily basis. The series is always growing and evolving as society’s tolerance of rape becomes more and more apparent in today’s world. Christina currently lives and works in Philadelphia as an art educator. 

ChristinaDeFabis_ Please Don't Objectify Me.jpg
ChristinaDeFabis_Please Don't Infect Me.jpg

Alisha Hagelin

Alisha Hagelin is a watercolor artist who often uses anthropomorphic imagery to depict aspects of the female experience. In her most current series she focused on themes of fear, anxiety, self-criticism, and sexuality as a form of taking back control through the act of painting. Alisha lives in Philadelphia and teaches art locally in a high school.


Natalie Merritt

Natalie Merritt is a painter, sculptor, jeweler, and educator who makes artwork through a process driven practice.  Recently, she has been drawing with graphite over acrylic, creating images that seem to disappear and re-emerge as the viewer's perspective changes.  This body of work questions perceived realities and the invisible control society has on all aspects of a woman's life.  Natalie recently opened High 5 Gallery in Philadelphia as an effort to support the community in creating, viewing, and exhibiting art.